Thursday, March 24, 2016

Mirym & Jane's The Comic Shop

I got lucky when I went to Dollar Tree in San Leandro, in the same strip small, Miryam &Jane's The Comic Shop had moved there. I was a happy person. The Comic Shop is one of the coolest around and they some really cool items:

And (to me) the coolest item there:

You can't beat this Star Wars cookie Jar
I am so glad that The Comic Shop has found a new home.

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  1. I so have to stop by on other days besides Mondays & Wednesdays... this is the coolest Post ever. Check out the Hills Bros Coffee place.. was that the original place? My dad drank their coffee all the time, and that Comic Shop... I'm with you. I wish we had one of those by my house... it looks really cool. Thanks for sharing. :) HAPPY EASTER MY FRIEND!!! HUGS


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