Sunday, January 1, 2017

The First Music Monday of 2017

Music Monday: Songs that I hope 2017 will be about.  Here are songs to help us achieve our dreams for 2017:

I hope everybody has a blessed and great 2017.


  1. Nice to see The Travelling Wilburys, I am gonna have Over The Rainbow in my head all day now :-)

    Happy New Year to you & all the best for 2017 :-)

  2. Great choices. Have a wonderful new year.

  3. Patrick, I was introduced to The Travelling Wilburys last year. It's good to see you featured one of their songs that I like, "Handle With Care" and it's an excellent suggestion for the way we should strive to live this new year with not only our lives but everything around us. One should always start a new year with "Don't Stop Believing" because that's what "Daydreaming Believing" is all about. Have a happy, healthy, prosperous 2017 (may you find your pot of gold over the rainbow), my friend!

  4. Ha Ha Ha... Great minds think alike my friend. Luvin' all your choices as usual. Thank you for being with us for all year and the beginning of our New Year of lots of rock & roll and happiness... woo hoo ROCK ON my friend!!! I wish you nothing, but happiness, health and prosperity to you & yours for the upcoming year!

  5. Thanks for sharing these tunes.
    And for sharing with us all year.
    Welcome again and Happy New Year!


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