Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Anna's Family Coffee Shop

The other day, I went out for breakfast and went to a small little place in the city I live in Hayward, Ca-Anna's Family Coffee Shop:

It is a homey place:

With some really good food:

Machaca Con Huevos- Scrambled eggs with beef.
If you are ever in Hayward stop by Anna's and have some great food with some great service.


  1. Looks like a great small place - the food looks great!

  2. I like family restaurants and this looks like a friendly place to eat.

  3. This looks like a place to have Sunday brunches. Old style and peaceful

  4. Mexican-American food from the new frontier!

    It looks like a nice homely place to eat out at!

    The place looks homey - from outdoors to the indoors - and the food looks great!

    The place is open for breakfasts and lunches in Hayward, 7am to 3pm. It's got a nunmber too!

    Nice place to take a break!

  5. I could smell the coffee, the toast looked delicious. Lucky you, I am sure you will go back there.

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