Thursday, September 6, 2018

Inflatable-Expanding Works of Art

I was at the Exploratorium which is a science museum in San Francisco and they had an exhibit called "Inflatable- Expanding Works of Art". The exhibit was pretty cool;

The next two pics are from Project Camera, which looked like a big igloo from the outside but had all of these little cameras on it:

Then there was Guardian of the Disphotic:

And my favorite Bau(ncy) Haus:

The Exploratorium did a wonderful job with this exhibit. It was wonderful.


  1. What a great exhibit! It looks so cool to experience in person! Loved the pics! Hugs

  2. I even love the name - Exploratarium. They had a similar thing at the local university last year that I missed. Will make the effort to go next time around. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I find that sort of art really fun and interesting, much more so than a lot of "modern art", in my opinion (if I wanted kindergarten paintings on my walls I'd fish out some my kids did and whack them in a frame, lol)! Thanks for sharing.


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