Sunday, June 12, 2022

Music Monday: A Top 40 Week of Genesis

 Music Monday: Think of something for June and get creative. So for this one I am going get really creative and go to a place in time which was the week of June 28th, 1986 when ex or current members of the band Genesis had something to do with five songs were in top 40:

#5 - "No Ever Is To Blame" - Howard Jones with backing vocals (and produced by): Phil Collins:

#8 "Invisible Touch" - Genesis:

#10 "Sledgehammer" - Peter Gabriel (Former Genesis Front man)

#21 "When the Heart Rules the Mind"- GTR (Steve Hackett Founded GTR and former Genesis Lead Guitarist):


 #34 - All I Need is a Miracle- Mike and Mechanics- (Mike Rutherford is the guitarist in Genesis):

Hope you enjoyed this look back in a moment in June time.


  1. (Jumping up and down with excitement). You picked some great ones - Mike and the Mechanics (first time I saw the video for this song and it was a hoot), Howard Jones, and, of course, Genesis. Not sure I have a favorite Genesis song; they are all so good. I didn't know about GTR, or the influence of Genesis members on the Howard Jones song. Imaginative take on the June theme!

  2. Patrick,

    Fabulous music to get the new week started off with, my friend. Thanks for the upbeat party sounds. Have a boogietastic week!

  3. Mike and the Mechanics. Ha. I'd forgotten about them....#AwwMondays


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