Thursday, October 18, 2012

Candle Lighters Ghost House

Welcome to Ghost House
Last night I went out to this event called Ghost House at the Fremont Hub Shopping Center in Downtown Fremont. It is put on by The Candle Lighters and they have been putting this Halloween deal at the Fremont Hub for years. All the money from the Ghost House goes to community-based projects in the cities of Fremont, Newark and Union City (Tri-City area). It is fun and family friendly:

A mural on one of the booths
Some of the different booths 
The Good Fairy and  the Evil Witch
The Crowd
Real Wheel of Fortune-If you lose the Reaper will get you
One of the guides
The bean bag game
Carmel apples with nuts
Halloween carmel apples
Got to like this guy
The pumpkin walk
Candle Lighters does a great job and  the Ghost House is a fun time for all ages.

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