Saturday, October 20, 2012

Hipsters +San Francisco=Yen for UNIQLO

The UNIQLO sign
There is a new store in San Francisco's Union Square and that store is UNIQLO which is Japanese casual wear. Everyday I see a bunch of people on BART with UNIQLO bags so I decided to check them out. The store in Union Square is the company's West Coast flagship store. I am the last person to ask on any fashion matters, but just looking around I found their stuff nice, reasonably priced and good quality. I think I will I get some stuff their in the near future:

Entering UNIQLO
Looking down all four floors
Inside the store
Socks-All Socks
I like this look
Love these shirts
Love these
Japanese Engineered Denim
Heattech shirt-I need to get a few of these
Love walking up the stairs

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