Monday, September 9, 2013

San Carols Borromeo de Camerlo Mission or Mission Carmel Basilica

The front of San Carols Borromeo de Carmelo Mission or Mission Carmel Basilica
The Carmel Mission was Fr. Junipero Serra's favorite and served as his headquarters from 1770 until his death in 1784.  Fr. Serra was buried beneath the chapel floor. The buildings today are the most historically authentic of all the mission churches. It is a historical landmark and is still an active church. Mass was going on when I was there, so I wasn't really able to any pics inside:

Part of the Grounds
Statue of Fr.Serra
Part of the old cemetery

The Bell Tower
This is one of most beautiful Missions I have seen,


  1. mission carmel has a special place in my heart! i used to go on field trips there when i was in school and take side-trips there with my family so all in all absolutely love the mission and carmel in general. carmel valley is also fantastic.

    1. That was my first trip there. It was great. We took trips to Mission San Jose in Fremont. Carmel was really nice also.


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