Friday, August 8, 2014

Classic Concert Posters

Was at the Berkeley Public Library and got to see some really cool Classic Concert Posters that they had (Sorry if the pics are askew-took them with my phone and some strange angles). I love the artwork from back in the day:


The Doors/Sparrow-1967
Quicksliver Messenger Service/Steve Miller Band/The Daily Flash-1967
The Grateful Dead/Steve Miller Band/Moby Grape-1966
Oxford Circle/Big Brother and Holding Company/Lee Michaels-1966
The Grateful Dead (misspelled as Greatful)/Sopwith Camel-1966
Miller Blues Band/Siegal Schwall-1967
Blood Sweat and Tears/John Hundy-1967


  1. I love old posters and art, too. Just look at those psychedelic ones from the 60s, so showing the spirit of the times.

    1. Cool, I love them also. The spirit of the times was cool.


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