Sunday, November 2, 2014

Music Monday:Dance to the Classics

Classic songs are always good. They never go out of style. Here are some great songs from the 60's and 70's:

Released in February 1966:

Released in January 1968:

Released in July 1964:

Released in October 1978:

Released in October 1972:

Released in November 1977:

Hope you enjoyed and got up and moved those feet.


  1. Brilliant selections and videos especially the Nancy Sinatra & Martha & The Vandellas vids :-)

  2. I totally agree with Steve! Fantabulous!!! hehehe Okay come on dance with me... these boots are made for dancin'! hehehe Look at these others oh wow check it out DANCE TO THE MUSIC PATRICK! OH YEAH SHAKE THAT THANG! Look ah me I'm movin'!! How about the Popeye... no The Jerk!!! ~hehehe~ My brother was six yrs. older than me, but he use to play Dancin' in the Streets on his phonograph all the time. We always danced together in the basement. I miss him so much. He died of a massive heart-attack when he was 44. When I see him again I'm going to give him such a pinch for not listening to the doctor. grrrrrr sniff-sniff! We always had fun together. Will you be my cyber-brother... I have many cyber-sisters, but no cyber-brothers... Anyway.. great minds think alike Bee Gees and Disco in last place as to not forget... Fabulow-so! hehehe Oooopps forgot LeChick I'M FREEKIN' OUT hehehe - and who can forget Stevie FAntastic Wonder... good choice too! Thanks for joining us and the dance! YOU'VE ROCKED THE HOUSE ONCE AGAIN!

    1. Thanks. And thank you for sharing your story.

  3. These are all wonderful picks that were fun to listen to. I remember these from way back when. How fun!

  4. Wow had a blast with your song choices. I was dancing up something. so good.

  5. Fantastic choices! I always like coming over here and seeing what you are rocking out with.

  6. I have so many favorites from your list :)
    Very good choices! Thank you!


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