Thursday, December 11, 2014

"Holy Toldeo": Ken Korach Book Talk

Last Saturday at Barnes & Noble in Emeryville,  A's broadcaster Ken Korach talked about his wonderful book "Holy Toledo-Lessons from Bill King: Renaissance Man of the  Mic". I bought the book when it first came out last year and it is a wonderful read even for the non-sports fan. Korach was King's A's on-air partner for the last ten years of King's career.

Bill King was a broadcaster who is known for his work with the Golden St. Warriors, Oakland Raiders and Oakland A's. He broke into this market with the San Francisco Giants when they first moved here in 1958. King never went national and basically stayed in the Bay Area. His way with words was legendary, NFL Network said that he is one of the top ten 10 football broadcasters ever. Many people say he was the best the NBA broadcaster ever. I was lucky enough to grow up listening to him on the airwaves until he passed in 2005.

Korach does more than tell the history of King's broadcasting, he tells the story of King. King was a true renaissance man. He was a world-class sailor, loved the ballet, knew Russian history, fine diner, world-class painter. King was the only person who was a foodie but would have his second-inning snack of popcorn with nacho cheese, pickers, onions, etc. and enjoy the sulfuric haze he left behind in the booth. He was also quirky (never bought a car for more than $500 and never quite figured out how an ATM worked) and a true Bay Area icon.

A's broadcaster Ken Korach taking about his book

The book
I bought another copy and had it autographed
"Holy Toldeo" is a great book and one that even the non-sports, non-Bay Area person would enjoy.


  1. Another autographed book for you! How fun! Thanks for sharing this at Booknificent Thursday!


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