Monday, December 29, 2014

Last Music Monday in 2014

Here is a little music on this last Monday of 2014:

And finally:

Have a good and safe New Year's Eve


  1. Great choices. These bring back a lot of fun memories.

  2. Oh awesome choices! Some I haven't heard for a long time! That first one though...wierd but looks so fun! And yay celebration in a few days! Happy New Year!

  3. These are truly..... ROCKIN THE HOUSE DUDE!!! You so rock! I love you're taste in music and you ought to know that by now. Sorry I haven't been around, but with the holiday and Christmas being at my house you wouldn't believe the clean up I've had to do... well 10 grandkids that's a lot of work. LOL Anyways thanks for rockin' my world today! awesome dude.

  4. Fans self OMg a little Adam Leine to make y day. Loving all the dance songs have me dancing for sure. Happy New year.


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