Sunday, March 22, 2015

Music Monday: Quirky but Cool Videos

Here are some quirky but cool videos on this Music Monday:

They make no sense grouped together. Hope you enjoy.


  1. Rock on, Patrick! These are fabulous tunes and are some of my favorites. What a flashback to the 80s! Great to listen to them again this morning. You got me boogieing in my chair. Have a montasticday!

  2. Nice choices Haven't heard a couple of those in years :-)

    Have a tunetastic week & thanks for bopping by :-)

  3. Oh another Dead fan! Whoot!
    I am loving your musical choices today. As Cathy said...ROCK ON!

  4. Oh my goodness! YOU HAVE SO ROCKED THE HOUSE! Thanks for joining us and the best boogie woogie in town! YOU ROCK! Loved Cyndi Lauper...

  5. Quirky Is great.thanks for posting these tunes.

  6. Bring back memories.
    I love Cyndi! Now I will have to add her oldies but goodies to my listen list again!

    1. I hope that they are good memories. Please do add her.


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