Sunday, April 12, 2015

Music Monday: Songs About Cars

Here are some songs about cars on this Music Monday:

And then two about driving those cars (because I love the songs and I can't leave them out):

Hope you enjoyed the songs.


  1. My Hooptie, now there is one I have not heard in a long time and of course Sammy Hagar is a classic!
    ROck on!

  2. I liked all these some I hadn't heard in a while too :-)

    Have a cartastic week :-)

  3. Fun picks. I was waiting to see John Travolta do his thing.

  4. I love all kinds of music. Thanks for sharing.

  5. LOVE ME some Depeche Mode; thanks for using them in this week's installment! And I considered using three of your selections myself :)

    1. Which three??? If I can put some Depeche in there I will.

  6. I Can't Drive 55 is a total scream! No one drove the speed limit then and no one drives it now, but still this song is timeless classic that everyone can get into. Excellent car song picks!

  7. Oh you are partying over here eh!
    Thanks for the tunes!
    Hope your week is going great!


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