Monday, June 26, 2017

Music Monday: Pure 80's

Music Monday: This is going to be Pure 80's. The 80's were the decade I cam of age and I still love the music from it:


  1. I love the 80's! So many great tunes and so many wonderful memories. Thanks for sharing these today.


  2. Good set this week. Haven't heard REO in some time.

  3. Patrick, the 80s was a wonderful decade for mewsic. Although, I love a wide range of tunes stemming as far back as the 50s, most of my favorites fall between the 70s and 90s period. I graduate high school in 1980. The early to mid-80s the mewsic seems more vivid in my mind. After 1988 and the on-set of motherhood everything is a blur. lol Thanks for sharing nothing but pure 80s classic with us!

  4. I'm another big 80's fan, but it's been years since I've heard a couple of these, including Life in a Northern Town. Thank you for this selection!

  5. A flashback trip today! I love REO and Journey, though I was more tuned into them in the late 70s. I love that song If You Leave and haven't heard it in ages! Sounds so good!
    The GTR song sounds familiar to me but I didn't know the other two. I've said this before and I think it's completely true: I seem to be stuck in the 70s... :)

    Great set of songs here. Have a great week,

    Michele at Angels Bark

  6. Not sure if I have heard these before, off to listen :) Thanks for sharing at Creative Mondays.


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