Sunday, September 13, 2020

Music Monday: Just Some Art and Color

 Music Monday: Songs about art and color for this Monday and we will try to incorporate my high school's colors in it. Even though I went to high school a long time ago, I still have my high school track hoodie with my nickname from my misguided youth

Since our school colors were Blue and Black. Here are two songs that highlight our school colors:

And I have this on my office wall:

Here are some other songs about art and color:



  1. Great colours!

    Yellow Brick Road is one of Elton's best songs :)

    Athena and Marie

  2. Patrick,

    Elton John, "Yellow Brick Road" always makes me think of days long ago. Vanessa Williams has a lovely voice. I like "Colors in the Wind". Cookie Monster was your nickname in high school? That's what I call DH. He's my "Cookie Monster". That boy really loves cookies! :) Thanks for joining the 4M crew on the dance floor, my friend. Have a boogietastic week!

  3. ...James Brown get my vote today!

  4. Well, my friend your tunes are of impeccable choice & my boy was Cookie Monster's biggest fan. He had a Cookie puppet & he'd say to me can I have a cookie, Mommy, and then he had this Cookie Monster puppet & he'd say, "Can Cookie have one too?" He melted my heart & I told him yes he may, but not too many cuz he'll get a tummy ache! I mean how could I not, but your finish was phenomenal to say the least. I think Venessa Williams could've recorded this song and lived well & retired on it too. It's absolutely beautiful. Thanks for all the great tunes my friend.

  5. I'm finding so many songs referencing color. First, I got a chuckle about your school colors because there was this parody song of our official junior high school song that turned our school colors from "bright gold and blue" to "bright black and blue" and we thought we were so clever. Your list was combo of old favorites and new (especially Style Council's). I never got into James Brown when I was a teen - guess I had to do some maturing first. Thank you for the music!


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