Sunday, March 13, 2022

Music Monday- Highest Earning Songs of All-Time

When some writes a song, the songwriter makes money in royalties. There are also residual royalties from other sources. Stuff like movies, TV show, video games or commercials, etc. Here are some of the highest earning songs in royalties since they were released of all-time on this Music Monday. ( I have omitted Christmas songs and the No.1 earning song which is Happy Birthday, written in 1893) (Also, all royalties are estimated). This comes from Celebrity Net Worth:

At an estimated $65 million earned since it was written:

The most-covered song and with an estimated $60 million earned:

At $55 million earned:

At $50 million earned:

At $35 million earned so far and Sting makes about $2,000 a day off this song:

At $30 million earned all-time:

Hope everyone has a wonderful week.



  1. I am pleasantly surprised by seeing the Righteous Brothers not once, but twice. I love them so! This inspired me to look up some best selling single lists (which don't use the same criteria as you did) and that had some pleasant surprises, too.

  2. The Righteous Brothers, the Beatles, and Roy Orbison…love it.

  3. Great set of songs for today, Patrick! I remember the crazy popularity of "Pretty Woman" with the box office hit from 1990. The Righteous Brothers were awesome! They have some great songs that will never fall out of favor with any generation. Have a boogietastic week, my friend!

  4. I think, of all the versions of "Yesterday" I've heard, that might be my favorite. Interesting theme!

  5. What a great group of videos. Such great music back in the day.

    Have a fabulous day, Patrick. ☺


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