Sunday, September 17, 2023

Music Monday: Some Movie Songs

 For this Music Monday, we are going to look at some movie songs:

From the movie "Selma":

From The Falcon and The Snowman:

From Batman Forever:

From The Adventures of Ford Fairlane:

From The Three Musketeers:

From The Breakfast Club:

And because I can:


  1. We both picked Glory - I think it is one of the most beautiful songs of the last 10 or so years. I wasn't even aware a couple of these songs were from movies, either. We picked different decades for most of our songs, and I look forward to other playlists.

  2. When I was in college, I worked on the Jazz, Blues, and Folk committee. Pat Metheny came to perform and was the nicest artist we ever had. At the end of the concert, while we were clearing the stage, he gave us a private concert! Although I like Bryan Adams' music, I don't like Bryan Adams. I learned about who he is after a friend got into a fight with him on the internet. I am no longer a fan.

  3. Fun set! Some are new and others I remember. Thanks for joining the 4M party. Have a boogietastic week, Patrick!

  4. Great playlist, Patrick. Such fun choices.

    Have a fabulous day and week. ☺

  5. I had to go to YouTube for Ford Furlaine and unsure I got the right one. I enjoyed these. Simple Minds is popular and Glory was chosen by another as well. Fun to listen to all these songs.

  6. Hello my friend, Way ta go on the tunes!!! Guess what! I got a new computer, and my son-in-law set it up for me yesterday & I love it & I think it loves me! hahaha Anyway, I love Seal in the Rose... I really don't know anything else he did... haha Have a great week! See ya soon...


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