Saturday, June 16, 2012

SI at the Majors

The entering SI at the Majors
With the U.S. Open being held at the Olympic Club, Sports Illustrated and did a little something called Sports Illustrated at the Majors in Union Square It where SI has its editors and writers there and you can chat with them. Also you can get a quick lesson with a Top 100 instructor and they have putting contests and such. They have a bunch of TV's so you can watch the tournament.

The crowd inside the tent
SI's Jessica Marksbury
The putting contest
Jessica Marksbury, Brian Manzella and Peter Kessler holding a forum about the 2012 U.S.Open
Peter Kessler giving a quick lesson
I thought that the event was just ok.  I was expecting a little more, but I can not really complain as I got a free T-Shirt. (below) which I think has a cool logo.

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