Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Padres-A's-June 16th, 2012-Before the Game

A Brandon McCarthy poster at Coliseum BART
Last Saturday, I went out to the yard with the kiddos to see the A's take on the Padres. Instead of complaining about how about bad O.Co Coliseum is like I did in last blog about going to the game. I am going to write about having fun at the ballpark. We got there early (right when the gates opened) and I was able to roam around and have fun. There not many people there, so I had a lot of fun.

The view as you walk in 90 minutes before the game
One of the cool things was that the A's pitchers were doing there work and I got into a discussion with the A's reliever Grant Balfour about Australian Rules Football. That was pretty cool. I am a Melbourne Demons fan and found out that he is a Sydney Swans backer. Also found out that he more of an Australian Rugby League guy since his dad played for them.

The A's Grant Balfour
But it was cool watching how hard the pitchers work in between starts.

Travis Blackley doing some throwing
And getting there early, I was able to take pics of the players as they were doing there work before the game. I am not really into autographs, but more into taking pics of the players. Guess that is just me.

Tommy Milone signing some autographs
A's pitcher Jim Miller signing for a kid
A's pitcher Jordan Norberto heading back to the clubhouse
Even got a few Padres pitchers doing some work:

Bullpen coach Darrel Akerfelds over seeing a pitcher
Padres Bullpen Coach Darrel Akerfelds
Padres Bullpen Coach Jimmy Jones
Padres bullpen coach Jimmy Jones was cool. I told him that I remembered him as a player and he laughed and called me a seemhead.

But getting to the park early is pretty cool. It is something that I enjoying doing.

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