Monday, June 25, 2012

A Gem-The Oakland Museum

The Front of Oakland Museum 
The Oakland Museum is a gem that many people don't know about. I have been going there for years. I love the place. It is a wonderful place and has many great exhibits and programs. I went there on Sunday and had a blast. I am going to break this up in four or five different blogs as they had a couple of great exhibits going on and I want to highlight everything.

One thing about the Museum is that it has a bunch of great things. It caters to all.

A Peace Symbol
Its grounds are beautiful to stroll through:

The Koi Pond
Baby Redwoods
An Old Mining Pond
A Petrified Log from the Petrified Forest, Arizona
The Native Grass Garden
Besides all of the nature they have a lot of art sculptures around on the grounds which really makes you want to walk around on a nice day.

Untitled by Ruth Asawa. Bronze Wire and Copper Pipe
1010-3 by Alan Shepp
M by Fletcher Barnes. Aluminum and Plexiglass
Brave New World by Glenn Takei. Glazed Ceramic
This is just the outside in which you can spend a lot of time walking around. To be continued with the inside.


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