Saturday, May 10, 2014

The Work of LeRoy Neiman

I got to spend some time at  Franklin Bowles Galleries in San Francisco. They have been down the San Francisco Marina  for most of my life. I finally walked in there to see their great collection of LeRoy Neiman works. I have been a huge fan of his since I was young after they profiled him on shows like "This is the NFL" and "The Superstars", if there was a big sports event-he was there. He did more than sports, he did a lot of his early work with Playboy and other publications. Anyway, I asked if I could take some pics of the work and to my great surprise they said yes. I was super stoked:

Joe Dimaggio-Serigraph
Nolan Ryan-Serigraph
Mickey Mantle-Serigraph
Joe Montana-Original
Lincoln Center 04-Original
Larry Bird-Original
Duane Thomas. This was done on the sidelines of Super Bowl VI-original
Bar Yanagi Tokyo-Original
Jason Moran, Summer Stage Central Park-Original
It was super cool to take photos and see these works. Another thing is that they are for sale at Franklin Bowles for the tidy sum. Who knows if I save for 10 years I might be able to buy one. Goals are a good thing to have.


  1. i am bookmarking this post so i can go. have never heard of this gallery before. looks lovely.


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