Thursday, May 29, 2014

Mark Di Suvero at Crissy Field

While walking at Crissy Field, I came across these structures that were huge. I had no clue that they were, I found out that they art done by artist Mark Di Suvero. Di Suvero is pretty amazing. He was injured in an elevator accident and had to learn to walk again. He became an arc welder and started to create his art.

What was cool, is that I had no idea that they were there and they were scheduled to be taken down three days after I was there, so I got very lucky:


"Are Years What?"-1967. This thing weights 14.5 tons
"Dreamcatcher"-It took seven years to build
"Old Buddy"-Named for the artist dog

"Mother Peace"-I love the peace sign in it (below):

"Huru"-55 feet high
And finally my favorite:

"Figolu-Took six years to build and with the sea buoys on it (below):

It was really cool to see these works of art just sitting there in the field. Don't think that I will ever see something like this again.


  1. I've seen his art and enjoyed it but didn't know the story. That's even more inspirational!

    1. It is. This was the first time I had every seen any of his work.

  2. How amazing to discover these pieces! and just before they were scheduled to be taken down, they are incredible, it must have been breathtaking to see them x x x

  3. Great pictures of some very original art. I think I liked the peace structure best. Thanks for sharing, Bonny

    1. That one was my second favorite.

      You are so welcome.

  4. i haven't seen the artwork up close, but have seen everything while driving through.

    1. It is great, too bad it is gone. It was nice.


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