Sunday, June 8, 2014

A Trip to Napa Valley-May 2014

Every time I go to the Napa Valley, I try to see different things and places as there is a lot to see:

The front of the Domaine Carneros Winery
Some of the best of Domaine Carneros
The front of the Opus One Winery
The view from the Opus One Winery
Fountain outside Merryvale Vineyards
Vats of wine
The Long Meadow Ranch Winery
Every time I am up in Napa Valley I try to pick one winery to walk around and really poke around. this time I went to the Long Meadow Ranch Winery and thought it was cool:

Apples on the trees
Love the stone fountain
"The Whirly-Gig"
Any place that has a doghouse is cool with me
Must end this trip to Napa Valley. Hopefully, I can head up there soon:


  1. i love how i go up to wine country often, but haven't been to several of these. that's so awesome. i definitely want to go to opus one. i hear great things about their wine.

    1. There are so many up there to go to. Opus One was interesting, you can't just walk in, like I tried. You need to make an advanced booking.

  2. looks fun! Somewhere to add to my travel list!

  3. Hey Mike, thanks for taking us along on all your travels. I live on the East Coast but have been lucky enough to live in San Diego and to visit much of your beautiful state, so this post was a little trip down memory lane for me this morning.
    And if I had no ties to the East Coast, I would relocate to Napa Valley in a heartbeat!
    Thanks for sharing this oldie but goodie with us and hope you 'll be back this week.


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