Sunday, June 1, 2014

A Visit to the Asian Art Museum, Part I

One of my favorite places to visit is the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco. It is a place that I just love. They have so many treasures there, that I just want to share everything I see there-lol. This will be a multi-part blog. Here is part one with mostly Japanese Art:

Statue of the Bull-Nandi-1400-1500's
Hindu Deity Vishna-950-975 AD
Japanese Bottle w/decoration 1250-1333 AD
Kyogen Theatrical Vest 1803 AD
All of these are about 800's to 1200's AD. From Left to Right: Dhritarashtra- Guardian and King of the East; Seated Buddha; Virudhalia-KIng of the East
The Buddhist Deity Achala Vidyaria 1100's AD
Guardian Dog, 1200-1300's
Haniua in the Form of a Man-300-552 AD
Rectangular Pillow with Figures 1100-1234 AD
Samurai helmet with half-facemask 1600's
More Treasures to come.....


  1. You are SO not taking those pictures with your phone, are you? :)

    Thank for playing Ketchup With Us. Please keep coming back and educating me. I need it!

    1. No, I used my camera. They allowed it. Should have the other parts done on Friday and Sunday of this week. I learned a lot also.

      Thanks for coming by.

  2. still need to go to this museum! i'm such a bad asian!

    1. It is great. You would love it.

      No you are not.


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