Thursday, June 26, 2014

A Visit to Pier 39

When my son and I walked around the waterfront in San Francisco, we arrived at tourist trap called Pier 39. Pier 39 is designed for tourists and it delivers. This was the first time I was down there and just went with the vibe of the place:

The front of Pier 39
People enjoying Pier 39
Dessert crepes being made
Bath salts anyone
They do have a carousel
And a stage for shows
And a little farmer's market
They also have great views of the Bay:

The Bay
"The Rock"
But my favorite favorite part of going there is seeing the "Sea Lebrities". A couple of months after the 1989 Loma Prieta Earthquake, sea lions started showing up in droves. During the winter, they can number about 900. They then migrate to the nearby Channel Islands for breeding season but in recent years a small group has stayed at Pier 39 year-around:

After this visit, I have decided that Pier 39 is about enjoying and having fun plus I liked listening to the this street sax player:


  1. Sorry I'm so late I had a Garage Sale this weekend! WHEW! I am so melting & pooped. I wish I was here right now. I'm so hungry and that fresh fruit looks delicious and of course I loves me some fish! mmmmm Saxophone!!! Love it! What a fun place to be, and such a close look at the ROCK! woo hoo Thanks for sharing my friend! HUGS & Have a great weekend!

  2. Last making my WW rounds. I'm totally out of sync with my June hiatus & the passing of my MIL. What a nice outing and photo op! That would be totally awesome to see all those sea lions sunbathing on the pier. Thanks for linking up on WW, since you were my only participant last week I am going to name you THIS week's featured photographer. :-D My post will go live around 8pm tonight.

    1. Hope everything is ok. It was a great outing.


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