Tuesday, June 3, 2014

A Walk Through Downtown St.Helena

I go to the Napa Valley a couple of times a year. I always drive through St. Helena looking for that winery to head to. This last visit, I decided to get out of the car and walk through Downtown St. Helena. It was really cool, there are a lot of art galleries and little niche shops:

Built in 1892-The Richie Block building is pretty cool
Fresh bread at the Model Bakery
Yummy chocolates at Woodhouse Chocolate
Pick your olive oil at Oliver Napa Valley
As I said there are a couple of art galleries. The I.Wolk Gallery let me take two pics of their work that they had:

Michael Jackson-Andres Reimann
Primp-Patrick Locicero
And I snuck into one and took a quick pic:

Memories of Napa Valley-Mario Garcia Miro
Of course, I decided to stop for a minute and ducked into the St.Helena Hotel and saw the coolest lobby:

And it had a super cool carousel horse in the corner:

Finally as I got to where I was parked, I noticed this garage that was open. It looked like a repair shop but nobody was there but they had some cool stuff:

This is considered the most dangerous VW in the world. The 440hp reverse pitch propeller pushes the car. I think they are still working on it.
Radial Engines from the 1930's (above and below):

Sometimes getting out of the car and exploring is fun.


  1. Whoa what a cool place! All those quirky things that you can find there are awesome =) #WW

  2. Fab photos I ant some of those chocolates LOL

    Have a tanfabulous week ;-)

  3. What a pretty place! Awesome shots - thanks for sharing! :)

  4. You always have such interesting photos to share. Thanks for stopping by so that I know that they're here. I love the carousel pony the most. hehehe But all are so interesting. You live such a fascinating life my friend and go the best of places :)

    1. Well, thank you.

      I don't know if I live that much of a fascinating life, but I just get lucky in seeing things.

  5. What a great place to visit. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks.

      As I said, I have driven through it a bunch. But I am glad that I finally stopped.

  6. What a nice little stop over and looks like a fun day.

  7. Great photos, each time you travel you take back memories that will last a lifetime. I just came from Anni's 'The Real Wordless Wednesday'.

    Joanne/WineLady Cooks

    1. I will. Now, I know that there are some great little places to go.


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