Monday, October 20, 2014

Music Monday: Those TV Themes

This is going to be a strange Music Monday. I have had this on my mind for a long time and now decided to go for it. A Music Monday of my favorite TV themes:

I know they are short but they are fun.


  1. All classics (except Big Bang Theory which might in the future). Loved your picks this week!

  2. Wonderful idea my friend. I enjoyed the old tunes from shows gone by. Rock on my friend. Adams Family was hubby's favorite. LOL

  3. great walk down memory lane,with the exception of the big bang theory it will be a classic in the future.

  4. I love 'em all!! Great choice for this "freebie" week! Wow, remember Welcome Back Kotter"...that was a simpler time. Have a great week and thanks for the virtual dance.

  5. Show themes just get stuck in your head :)
    Glad you went with it :)

    1. They do. And thank you very much. I am glad I did also.

  6. Loving the Addam's Family theme . So many awesome memories watching that show.

  7. I came over here after I read your comment on my blog!

    I'm so glad I did! I adore a good TV theme song haha! Big Bang Theory is definitely one of my favourites (I know it's more modern etc but I will be doing a post on some of the themes I grew up with like The Munsters etc.)

    What a fab post, thanks for sharing :)


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