Thursday, October 23, 2014

#October Together

For the third time in five seasons the San Francisco Giants are in the World Series. Here are images of #October Together in San Francisco:

Bobbleheads of the two Brandons: Brandon Belt on the left and Brandon Crawford on the right
On the window on a Muni Metro booth

Unused 2012 World Series Tickets.

Lefty's O'Doul's I guess is the official place to hang during the World Series (Hate having to work during the games). They have cool thing going and that is a link up with Walsh's Bar in Kansas City where in a special section you can link up and facetime from Lefty's in S.F. to Walsh's in K.C.:

The section at Lefty. On the screen is Walsh's in K.C. (This is a couple of hours before game time)
Flags flying outside Montgomery BART station

Flags flying at Macy's
It is always cool to have the World Series in your backyard. Go Giants and hopefully we will spend a couple of more #October's Together.

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