Sunday, October 18, 2015

Music Monday: A Mixed Bag

Music Monday: I guess it is a mixed bag in what I have been listening to lately:

I know it is a very strange mix but that is where I am at these days.


  1. I'm really likin' that Megan Trainor. Oh and got your back Patrick you're all signed in on the linky. I don't know why that didn't show up it was there when I checked it, hmmm! Anyway, love your tunes man, you're really pickin' them rockin' ones today! YOU'VE ROCKED THE HOUSE! WOO HOO

  2. I only knew the Casting Crows and the last one. The others are new and terrific. I am loving your mixed bag of music today!

  3. What a good mix lurrrve OMD & glad you included them & Al Green takes me back :-)

    Have a tanfabulous week :-)

  4. I'm loving your mixed bag of tunes, Patrick! So many favorites of mine! Perfect way to start off the week... ;) Have a great one!

    Shut Me Up and Kiss Me Quiet because i’m Confident and i’m gonna Love Myself!

  5. Great variety of music.

  6. I usually have a mixed bag too.
    Thanks for rocking!

  7. Good Collection. I enjoyed all of them. Keep sharing...


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