Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Union City Historical Museum

Talk about super local, I ran into a small Farmer's Market while driving lost. I took a left instead of a right. I stopped got some strawberries and saw that there was a place called the Union City Historical Museum. I am drawn to museums like a dog is to fire hydrants. It was truly interesting, not much stuff about the history of area. Mostly people donating their old stuff:

1950's Baby Doll Crib
1940's Refrigerator
1920's trunk
1920's stove
Table and chairs from the 40's
70's Pepsi machine
And three items I found that were truly Union City;

The local paper from the 50's
The UC Drive-thru was the spot growing up. They turned into a huge outdoor shopping mall

The Union City Historical Museum is different but I am glad I got lost and found it.


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