Thursday, October 6, 2016

Fashion in Flight

I was at SFO the other day and they a display up called Fashion in Flight. It was examples of the fashion that flight attendants have worn over the years:

1973 Pacific Southwest Airlines

1972 Hughes Airlines
1974 Qantas Airlines
1968 Braniff Airlines
1967 Continental Airlines
1937 Transcontinental and Western Airlines
1940 Transcontinental and Western Airlines
1950 Cathay Pacific
Tights and Boots -1968 Braniff Airlines
Hope you enjoyed a little Fashion in Flight over the years.


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  2. They really put a lot of thought into these outfits, but then they were probably difficult to work in. I had a friend who worked for Braniff back when they dressed the flight attendants in hot pants...

  3. Lovely outfits, I love how fashion goes around and around.The first 3 outfits, I would wear now :)

  4. How very interesting that is. I like the 1937 one, very professional but maybe not so practical.

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  5. Yikes, some of these were pretty The first one is way too short and I don't know how you could bend down or lift your arms up without showing all your junk. I like the ones that look more like suits and the long 1950 dress.

  6. Wow! Some of these seem more like Halloween costumes than actual uniforms. Thanks for sharing on Traffic Jam Weekend, Patrick.

  7. Oh my gosh, what a cool display! I love the yellow Hughes Airline one - so colourful. And the space age Braniff outfit. It's amazing how much fashion have changed when it comes to airlines. #FridayFrivolity


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