Sunday, October 16, 2016

Music Monday: The Songs Behind the Commercials

Music Monday: Here are some of the songs behind the commercials:

Coke “Choose Love Over Like” Commercial:

Beats By Dre Color Headphones Commercial:

Apple iPhone 5s Commercial:

Liberty Mutual Insurance Olympics Commercial:

Amazon Kindle Paper White Commercial:

Hope you enjoyed the songs behind the commercials

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  1. Listen to the first two & both are new to me, & the 3rd Goldfrapp I don't think I've ever heard, but love the tune and love love her outfit. Thanks for the introduction to that one. Gonna have to look up that band for sure. Next one sorry to say I never heard that one, but the last one I think I heard that one before. Very good job there my friend You totally stumped me good! GREAT JOB! Thanks for playin' along! Have a rockin' week.


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