Sunday, April 9, 2017

Music Monday: 1987 Grammy Winners

Music Monday: 30 years ago I graduated high school and the Grammy's were held on February 24, 1987. Let's see some of the winners:

Song of the year:

Best New Artist: Bruce Hornsby and the Range:

Best Jazz Instrumental Performance, Big Band:

Best R&B Vocal Performance, Female:

Best Pop Instrumental Performance (Orchestra, group or solo):

Best Album Package: (Because Miles Davis is just too cool not to have on the blog):

Hope you enjoyed a little trip down memory lane.


  1. Patrick, excellent late 80s tunes! I remember them all with the exception of Best R&B Jazz Instrumental and Best Album Package. Doesn't Anita Baker look pretty? I love her heels, classic pumps never go out of style IMO! :) Girls dressed so pretty in the 80s. Young ladies can learn a lot if they modeled themselves after the way these divas dressed, don't you think? Thanks for popping by for a dance and a peek at my artwork. Have a good day!

    Art Sketching Through the Alphabet Letter "H" + #4M

  2. ooooooooo Way ta go my friend! Haven't heard these in awhile too! My favorite is the first one HIGHER! Woo hoo.... Great dance music...

  3. Ooh so many faves!
    Steve Winwood is always on my playlist!


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