Monday, April 3, 2017

Music Monday: No.1 Songs from 90's

Music Monday: Just some Number One Hits from the 90's:

The 90's had some great music that we have forgot.


  1. You have some great choices here my friend. I've been meaning to watch the video of the Spice Girls too because I wanted to see what the one looked like that does Britain got talent or something like that & it is the same girl. Go figure hahahaha.... Have a rockin' week!

  2. Patrick, great freebie picks! I'm sorry the delay in dance with you. My doctor appointment really cut into my normal routine and by the time I got home yesterday it was late with no time left for Blogosphere. Thanks for hitting the dance floor with the 4M crew, my friend and for your visit!

  3. I used to listen to Lisa Loeb. She opened for a Sarah McLachlan concert I went to.

  4. Oooh these are the hits that I LOVE ! Thank you!


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