Thursday, April 5, 2018

Opening Night for the Oakland A's

The Oakland A's had their opening night for the start of their 50th season in Oakland. It was an opening night worthy of celebration and fun:

And they brought back some of the great players of the past:

And an icon:

Harvey the Rabbit came back to bring out the balls as he did in the past
And the A's management continues to find ways to make the Coliseum (The worst stadium in the majors and we really need a new one) a better place for the fans with the introduction of the Treehouse. It is an area above left field that is a place to hang, watch baseball and party. The price including the game ticket is $29.99 per month. All games for the month are included in that price:

The view from the Treehouse
And everyone loves Stomper:

This Stomper was made with pictures that fans have shared on social media
Oh there was a game that was played:

The A's lost but I am so happy that the A's are playing again and have great hopes for their 2018 season.


  1. Did this ever make me feel old. I was a baseball fan in my youth (I gave it up in the mid 70's) I saw Bert Campaneris play in the 1973 World Series at Shea Stadium along with my finance (now husband of 43 plus years). How time flies! (He was an amazing player, although my husband hasn't, and will never, forgive him for his performance in that Series, lol). The other thing I remember about that game was how cold it was. Thanks for the memories.

  2. I wish I could go to games regularly- what an awesome treat to see it from your side!


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