Wednesday, July 29, 2020

East Bay Cafe Depot

I was out taking photos of different stuff and I went by the Amtrak Station at Fremont, Ca:

And I saw the coolest little cafe that was on the back of it and decided to take a look. It was called the East Bay Cafe Depot and it was this cool quirky place:

Sadly, I had just ate breakfast when I went there (I didn't know) it was so cool and just got a tea. Need to head back there soon. 


  1. That's my kind of place! Let us know when you go back how the food is!

  2. It is very cool. I love all the antiques. Give me anything vintage Coca-Cola & I instantly think its a cool place

  3. What a cute place! I love all the vintage decor and the overall quirkiness! I hope the food is as good as the place atmosphere! Thanks for linking up.



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