Sunday, July 12, 2020

Music Monday: Just Some of My High School Songs

Music Monday: I was listening to 80's on 8 on XM while driving and heard a bunch of songs that made think about high school. I graduated in 1987 and here are some the songs that I loved back then and still love today:

And I love this new version of this song. It is so beautiful even though it is one of those songs from the 80's.

Hope every one has a wonderful Monday


  1. Unfortunately, I don't think I ever heard any of these. hmmm... Was I living under a rock? hmmm Weird. Well, I've heard them now... gonna have to do some research on this.. hahaha Have a great day my friend... from a person that crawled out from under a rock. LOL Take care... God speed!

  2. Patrick,

    Move over, Marie, you're crowding my place under the same rock. :) All of your songs are new to me with the exception of the cover song title. This is the first time to hear Corey Hart's version. He does a nice job. Thanks for the introduction of these oldies. That still is strange for me to call tunes from this era 'oldies'. It's great having you on the dance floor, my friend. Have a boogietastic week!

  3. I had been traveling a lot during what would have been your high school days, and all of these sounded familiar because I would hear them on the radio of whatever car I had rented. Never knew the names or who did them, so this helped. Good list!

  4. ...well, I when to high school 20 some odd years before you, so much of this playlist is unknown. The last two are my favorites.

  5. The 80's rock, and I love them. But, even so, I had never heard the Lick the Tins cover (what a lovely voice their female lead has) or that particular Corey Hart song. What great groups the 80's gave us! Thank you.


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