Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Making The Office My Space

I have never really done a blog on home redesign or anything like that. I am not a DIYer but since this COVID-19 deal happened I have had to teach via "Distance Learning" and my office at home has become my classroom.

To be honest, I am not the neatest guy in the world and clutter is my middle name but with having to move to teaching through Distance Learning, I am spending a lot of time here. So, I decided to make it my little world.

School officially ended June 2nd but I am finishing up teaching Extended School Year and the regular year begins in mid-August.

I must tell you that before the office had nothing on the walls and the bookcases were cluttered with junk. Also, I must tell you that I watched no shows, no tutorials or anything, I did what flowed inside my baby brain. Also, I used stuff that I had here at home for the most part. I did have to go out and buy frames for the pics on the wall but that was about it.

Also, I did not watch any home decorating shows or anything. I did everything on the fly.

So here we go.

I found I had an extra bookcase in another room and put it in a corner her and really went though my books. All of the books on these two shelves are autographed except for the last seven books on the right. Finally, put them together. The cool thing is that by putting the overflow of books here, the other bookcases became neater:

I then put these bobbleheads on top on the bookcase

Then I had all of these used plastic cups from sporting events and such plus some stuffed animals around so I arranged them on top of another bookcase:

It may look goofy but hey it is me

Then I started on the walls:

Sorry about the glimpse into the kitchen but I believe you need some James Brown and Major League 
Above a book case are these on the  left is my son when he played high school baseball and on the left is a 1968  picture of Roberto Clemente (l) with Maury Wills (c) and Matty Alou (r)
Above the desk looks like this:

An autographed Super Bowl 50 picture from Hall of Famer Jonathan Odgen:

I took these three pictures I had with me and my kids with the A's World Series Trophies over a 12 year span and put them in one frame:

This piece I found at the Oakland Museum White Elephant a couple of years ago and translated it means "Keep Your Crap":

A 1974 U.S. Navy Recruiting Poster:

The final touches on this wall are these caricatures of my kiddos done when they were like 10 and 11, I found them in a box. So glad that I still have them:

On the last wall, I went football coaches:

On the top is this old picture from the 1920's  of one of the first great college head coaches- Glenn Warner better known as Pop Warner:

This next one I love because I think that Bill Belichick is amazing and I got this signed after he won his first Super Bowl:

And if you have Belichick you need his good friend Nick Saban, what is cool about this signed pic is that it is from when he was at LSU before all of his success at Alabama:

Finally we are at the desk which was a huge mess, it is still a mess but less of one. I usually would dump mail and anything on it but I needed it kind of clean to work:

It is still messy but I try to pick it up everyday when I am done
Here is the top in better view:

Got to have Jobu (from the movie Major League) and a pic of me and kiddos with Rollie Fingers from 2008 (they have so grown into adults). It is very bad to steal's Jobu's rum. Very bad:

And you always need this reminder (I know I do) along with Dillon the Pickle from the Portland Pickles Baseball Team:

The last thing I added to the office was a mini-fridge, a lamp and a garbage can:

As I said I am not a home decorator or anything, just a simple person with simple tastes. It it took a while and with my son's help, I have turned my office into my little space and I think it represents my weird, goofy self.


  1. i love that you organized and still kept your style :)

  2. I love it - making the space totally your style & your touches on it.

  3. Looks great!! I am excited to have an office space in my new place, which will for sure be getting used more than normal in 2020/2021.

  4. You did a real good job decorating your space.

  5. You have the best office in town my friend.... ooops excuse me Sir.... Classroom! I love your bobbly heads and oh so many books. You are so organized. Can I have my husband come to your classroom? Maybe you can teach him how to be organized!!! hahahahahaha Have a wonderful day. Sorry I'm so late.

  6. Cool office and speaking of Nick Saban, I live in Tuscaloosa, AL :) Thanks so much for linking up with me at my #UnlimitedMonthlyLinkParty 14, open until July 26. All party entries shared if social media buttons installed.

  7. I can see you're a fan of memorabilia Patrick - and it's great that you have lots of variety and constant reminders of all the things you love (the cartoons of your kids are great)

  8. Cool space & love how you've got your memorabilia sorted and displayed - it makes it your own.

  9. I think it looks great, Patrick! I am no home decorator either and my office space is in desperate need of a complete makeover (or at least a good old fashioned tidying)! I love all of your fun memorabilia. It is totally you which is perfect for your own workspace! Thanks for sharing and linking up with me.


  10. This looks like such a cool space!!! Full of inspiration and very "you" (from what I know of you via this virtual world of ours). I love it. All that memorabillia taking you back to moments in time, but also motivating you forward. Love it.

  11. It looks great; I think a space where you work should feel personal and to your taste. Love it.


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