Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Walking Around the University of Nevada-Reno


When I was in Reno last month, I took a little walk around the University of Nevada at Reno. It is such a beautiful campus to walk around:

The campus library

Staute of former Nevada U.S Senator and Governor Richard Bryan

The McKay School of Mines

I didn't get every building but I was walking around and just started to take pics, never thinking I would do a blog on it. LOL. 


  1. Are there slot machines in the cafeteria? 🤣

  2. That is a very pretty campus. I never think to walk around college campuses but through blogging I have seen some really pretty ones.

  3. I love how you take such fun pictures where you roam. I need to do that more often - to really stop & appreciate whats around me

  4. Universities are so much fun to tour/walk around. I love the buildings and the history you can find on college campuses. Thanks for sharing and linking up with me, my friend.



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