Sunday, August 23, 2020

Music Monday: My Most Overlooked Artists by the Rock-N-Roll Hall of Fame

 Music Monday: I am not a music historian or anything. Here are to me some of the most over looked artists by the Rock-N-Roll Hall of Fame. These artists are not in and have been (I feel) overlooked (In no particular order):

Pat Benatar:

The Guess Who:

Joe Crocker:


This whole little set was started last week but a friend of mine who hipped me to the Go's-Go's new song and the documentary on them. She was telling me that the Go-Go's have been overlooked by the Rock-N-Roll Hall of Fame and told me this fact: The Go'Go's were the first all-female band-who played their own instruments and wrote their own songs- to have a No.1 album in America. Basically, they were music trendsetters. She also told me a number of facts about them/

Here is a new song by the Go-Go's released this year:

Everything is subjective and I know there could be a debate about 100 other artists but I hope you enjoyed this small list. 


  1. Hey dude, GREAT JOB! For sure. Love all your tunes & I haven't seen the GoGo's in ages. Cute song. Dave Matthews I haven't heard in a long time. Pat Bentar I haven't heard one of hers in along time. Don't think I've ever heard of Sound Garden... anyway getting late so have a great week & thanks for the tunes! You're duh best!

  2. ...there's always room for The Guess Who and Joe Cocker on my playlist!

  3. My mum says she hasn't heard of the Guess Who before but she has heard of the others and they are great songs!

  4. Patrick,

    I've always like the Guess Who - great oldie band! Pat Bentar is phenomenal! Fabulous mews to listen to the Go-Go's newest release. I didn't know they were still together - super cool! Thanks for sharing awesome your choice song picks this week. Stay safe, be well, and have a boogietastic day, my friend!

  5. I couldn't believe the Guess Who weren't in the Hall of Fame (not that I didn't believe you but I had to look it up). I agree with all of these artists deserving consideration for the Hall, especially "Pint Sized Pat Benatar" as one of our local DJ's used to call her. The nickname just sticks in my mind. And I enjoyed that brand new Go-Go's song. Those virtual band performances just get better and better.


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