Sunday, December 27, 2020

Music Monday: See You Later 2020

 Music Monday: 2020 was a year like no other. With the COVID-19 Pandemic and everything else going on. But the music never stopped. One thing that was cool was that musicians still found a way to get their music to us. It might be in a different form but I enjoyed it. The first three videos are groups doing it from home:

The guys from Modern English singing "Melt With You" from home:

Toto with their hit "Africa"

And the Go's- Go's with their new song "Club Zero":

And I loved this version on "Never Surrender" by Corey Hart. It reminds us that we need to fight on everyday and just do our best:

This video version of this song kept me smilin all the time. Being a child of the 80's:

And we all have to remember the words of this great Jennifer Nettles/Jon Bon Jovi song:

Sorry if I used these before but I feel so strongly about the messages these songs and video's are saying. Even though 2020 was a total downer of a year, we can still celebrate life and being kind. Just my simple view on things. 

HAPPY NEW YEAR to all those who came by for a least one read of this blog. I thank you and send you blessings for 2021. 


  1. Well, the GoGo's were quite entertaining & really had it all together. Bon Jovi & Jennifer Nettles totally my favorites for sure. Very cool together... Although I've lost faith in Bon Jovi being a democrat & what he's said again our President you just don't do that. He has no respect to say the least. I never heard Modern English before.. they're okay I guess... but Toto and the "Down in Africa" tune. It's awesome. I like that song. Gogo's was cool, and Corey Hart & his song... nope never heard of it before or him. Song is cool though... soooooooooooo last one 80's stuff I'm with ya on this one. That's my era too! Woo Hoo! Waiting for a star... neat tune! Thanks for joining us my friend. Great pickins' here! HAPPY NEW YEAR MY FRIEND TO YOU & YOURS... MUCH HEALTH & HAPPINESS FOR YOU & YOURS! hugs

  2. Patrick,

    I'm so happy to see you at the party for the last Monday of 2020. Are you ready to say goodbye to this year? I tell you I am! "Africa" is a great song. The Go-Go's stay have it! Great song set to close the year out with, my friend. Enjoy the last week of 2021 and here's to better days in the coming new year!

  3. Great playlist. I always enjoy the different takes each week.

    Thank you for joining the Awww Mondays Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous day, Patrick. ☺

  4. I didn't know the Go-Go's had a new song. I loved it! I also enjoyed the Modern English at home and Toto - in a way it's disorienting when you see 80's artists all aged but haven't we all aged? Bon Jovi's video gets me in the heart as I grew up in New York City and still have family there. Happy New Year to you; may 2021 be better for all of us.


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