Wednesday, December 16, 2020

The Ghirardelli Marketplace


So, my usual yearly visit to the Ghirardelli Outlet in San Leandro was canceled due to COVID-19. It is what it is and my usual Christmas take is not happening. Anyway, I was over in San Francisco and went over to the flagship Ghirardelli Store in Ghirardelli Square down along waterfront. While I didn't get a lot of Ghirardelli chocolate at cheap prices, I was able to get some at the usual retail price:

It was nice to get a little Chocolate for the Holiday Season.


  1. We have a Ghirardelli outlet in a outlet mall not too far from us... I stock up every time I'm there. Its my favorite chocolate!

  2. Yum! The only Ghirardelli shop I've ever seen was in Disney and we really enjoyed their hot fudge sundaes on a hot day.

  3. Oh I love Ghirardelli chocolate. What. a fun place!

  4. Oh yum, Patrick! Ghirardelli is some of my favorite chocolate! Thanks for sharing all this deliciousness and linking with me!



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