Thursday, December 31, 2020

Happy 2021 and The Noe Valley Bakery


I was thinking about what kind of blog I was going to do for a New Year's blog and then a friend took me to the Noe Valley Bakery in San Francisco. We had to wait in a short line but when we got in there, it was really cool and a new learning experience. Kind of like the year 2020. To most people 2020 was a downer but (at least in my view) but I was able to learn so much about myself and try new things on this blog. Also in my professional life. I am a teacher and having to learn all the technology was intimidating (I am an old man and very old school). Again, I got lucky because I taught summer school and was able to screw up and learn in an environment that was low pressure before the real school year started. I got a huge boost in confidence and have been "building more of the airplane while flying it at the same time"

I wasn't able to go to the events like usual because they were cancelled but then I was able to see other things like murals, more nature and able to share my own little weirdness. I learned so much and was able to enjoy new experiences in the world.

As the lyric from "Beauty and Beast" says: "Bittersweet and strange, learning you can change."

Again, I thank everyone for stopping by this little blog here. One accomplishment was that I went over 500,000 hits or views on this blog since I started seriously in March 2012. I want to thank everyone who has visited this little space of mine:

Even though I wasn't able to do a bunch of things in 2020 (I so miss going to A's games), I think going through this experience (and still going through it) was so beneficial to me as person. I am still here, my family and my friends are still here. My spiritual side has grown and I am learning how to be truly happy:

I got one of these bad boys and it was so good.

My heart goes out to all those who are struggling and have been affected by COVID and have lost love ones and friends to this horrible virus. I pray that this vaccine works and people can get back to work, kids can go school and people can hang out with their friends again. All the normal stuff that we took for granted:

I hope everyone has a blessed 2021 and I wish you as Don Cornelius used to say on Soul Train- "Peace, Love and Soul" in 2021. 


  1. OK.. you used a Beauty & the Beast line - I applaud you :)
    Happy New year!!!

  2. The pictures of these delicious sweets is making me hungry! You have such a good and positive attitude towards everything we have gone through this past year. I have a different perspective because I believe a lot of what we've gone through was for political reasons and done with evil intentions so it's hard for me to see the positive when I feel so much wrong/sin was done. But, like Romans 8:28 says, God can work all things out for good.

  3. What a fun little bakery! I love the treats and the fun new year messages. Wishing you all the best in the new year.


  4. Happy New Year, Patrick! I'm glad you've gained personal growth and some enjoyment out of 2020. The bakery looks like a place worth visiting for a nice treat.

  5. 2020 has been a ride! But, onward to a better year with many positive experiences! Thanks for linking up!


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