Thursday, December 3, 2020

Skateboards and Coffee

 I was in Downtown San Jose and saw this place called Circle A Skateboards and Coffee and I had to check it out. Being the old skater/punker that I am I loved this place. It reminded me of my so-called mis-guided youth. Taking some mind expanding...... I better stop there. But this place was totally cool:

They do sell coffee and tea:

If you are in Downtown San Jose, take a look at Circle A Skateboards and Coffee. It is cool place. 


  1. What fun! Glad you had a good outing!

  2. Wow! This place looks so cool! I would love to visit in person!

  3. Okay, Patrick, that is insanely cool! I was a skater girl in high school with a skateboarding boyfriend, hanging out at all the (very new at the time) skate parks that were being built everywhere in the early 90's. I would love to have coffee at this place for a sweet little taste of nostalgia!



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