Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Somewhere Outside of Las Vegas

 Just some pics from outside of Vegas in November. I was trying to head to Red Rock Canyon Park but it was closed due to COVID, so I took these pics of the scenery around the park:

Vegas might be a all concrete and everything but  outside of it is so very beautiful. 


  1. 20 years ago, my husband and I flew to Vegas for a meeting he had to attend. I rented a car and tootled around to places like the Hoover Dam. When he finally had a free day, we went to Red Rock Canyon and it was so beautiful. I still remember the "smell" - I always think it is so amazing how one place smells a certain way and the plants and soil in another place make it smell totally different!

  2. That is so sad the park was closed! But you sure got to see some great scenery.

  3. For some reason, I think I have shared this story with you before, but I will share again. I went horse back riding through the Red Rock Canyon many years ago and my saddle slipped and I fell off my horse and I tumbled ass over head down the side of the canyon and landed right splat in a cactus! I surprisingly was not badly injured but had lots of nasty bruises and cactus needles stuck in my back and butt. I have to say, it was totally worth it to have the experience and it makes for a good story, too! Thanks for sharing these amazing photos and linking up!



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