Monday, July 26, 2021

Walking Marina Park


Still up in Portland, having a great time visiting my daughter.

A couple of weeks, I was waiting for someone at the Oakland Airport Park and Call lot and their plane was late, so I decided to go for a quick walk at Marina Park in San Leandro. Many people know this but when my kiddos were young, we spent a lot of time there and it is still one of my favorite places to walk when I have the time:

I have said this, I am so lucky to live in an area that has so much water around it:


  1. As we've seen lately with all the droughts, water is definitely a blessing to have around

  2. Water is very calming to me! I love to be around it! I love your photos they are beautiful!

  3. Lovely sparkles on the water. Don't forget to link back to #Allseasons

  4. Lovely place for a walk, Patrick. You are really like to have so much water surrounding you. It is so soothing for the soul! I need to head down to the river and walk again soon...after this current heat wave breaks! Thanks for linking.



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