Wednesday, July 28, 2021

A Visit to the Community Thrift Store


One of the cool things about doing Extended School Year at a different school was being able to find different places in the city. One day I happened to stumble upon this place called CTS or Community Thrift Store and it was really cool. One of the cool things is the proceeds from it go to over 200 different charities in Bay Area:

And I spent most of my time in their huge book section and bought some items:

Got this cookbook:

And this book about the Ohio St.- Michigan football rivalry:

But this was the coolest and it adds to my autographed book collection:

The Community Thrift Store in San Francisco is a wonderful place with a bunch of treasures. 


  1. I love thrift stores - every day is an adventure.
    Some of that furniture looks awesome - someone could redo it & sale it for a good ole profit!

  2. What a great idea! And such amazing finds. I think success at finding great things at thrift stores depends on where you live. The wealthier areas have the best thrift stores!

  3. So cool, Patrick! You know I love a good thrift store adventure! My sister and I were just talking about old cookbooks and even old recipe boxes and how we scoop that stuff up at first sight. Thanks for sharing.



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