Sunday, August 22, 2021

Music Monday: Songs About Unity

 Music Monday: Not trying to get political or anything but we have gone loco in this country and it is getting worse everyday. Both the left and the right have decided to try to out-crazy each other. Here are some songs about unity and love, two things that we all should strive for:

And I know I have played this version on this song but we really need to stand by each other, no matter if they are different than you or have different beliefs than you:

Sorry, if it seems like I am getting on a soapbox. I truly hope that everyone has a great Monday and a great week.


  1. We have managed to produce a subset of our population who is so selfish they even put family members in danger (children, their elderly relatives, their immucompromised friends and relatives) and listen to rumors and TV hosts. Is it all due to the pandemic? I don't think so; the pressure of the pandemic just bought out what was already there. I am not optimistic about how this page in our history story will end. Enjoyed your set; I knew all but the American Prayer song.

  2. As long as evil controls the hearts of the people no matter what they call themselves then we'll continue to see crazy junk. Satan is the author of confusion and division. You don't have to be a Christian to let descent thoughts and conduct rule the heart. It's sad to see how far America has fallen. The government uses everything to separate people - color, sex, religion, the pandemic. Make no mistake, they do not care about people. All they care about is controlling people and it's with the topics I mention that they control folks.

    I'm praying for hearts across the country to change and opens opened to the truth for only then can we see change begin in public office at all levels. Thanks for sharing your music with the 4M crew today, my friend.

  3. I like where you went with this. I think the problem might be too many electronics and not enough person-to-person...


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