Wednesday, August 16, 2023

The Creek at Wildcat Canyon


I was hiking at Wildcat Canyon in Richmond and came across this creek and it was so peaceful that I had to sit and rest and enjoy the peacefulness of it:

It was just so nice to sit and relax for minute or two. 


  1. Great photos of a wonderful EBRPD park!!

  2. Your photos really do capture the peacefulness of the creek. I would love to be there right about now!

  3. Ah, water like that can really be so calm and peaceful. Thanks so much for linking up at the #UnlimitedLinkParty 125. Pinned.

  4. I didn't know that was there. Been a long time since I've been to Richmond.

    Thank you for joining the Happy Tuesday Bog Hop.

    Have a fabulous day and week, Patrick. ☺


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